Head Coach: Luke Wells
Club Coach: Jamie Rothall
Senior Cricket Director: Pat Leonello

Our Club Vision

WDCC will be the most successful and sustainable Premier Cricket Club in South Australia and develop positive contributors and leaders on and beyond the cricket field

Our Club Mission

WDCC strives for excellence in everything that we do by promoting the values of:

  1. Respect
  2. Leadership
  3. Tolerance & Diversity
  4. Fair Play
  5. Integrity

Our Strategic Goals

WDCC has five key strategic goals that provide the direction and focus necessary to achieve our mission. These strategic goals are:

  1. To be competitive across all teams, to be perennial finalists and to win premierships
  2. To provide outstanding facilities and Coaching programs, in order to develop players and prepare them for higher honours. This includes the successful transition of junior players into senior cricket.
  3. To ensure the WDCC encourages open and honest communication behaviours with strategic partners and key stakeholders.
  4. To develop players to be positive contributors and leaders in the community.
  5. To demonstrate the highest standards of Corporate Governance, embracing professional management, ensuring our financial sustainability and security

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