1944 Mr. J.S. Butler *
1951 Mr. L.L. Oaten * 
1954 Mr. W.C. Kay *
1955 Mr. J.E. Todd *
1955 Mr. R. Sparrow *
1961 Mr. D.B. Oaten *
1961 Mr. A.A. Ball *
1961 Mr. G.T. Harrison
1963 Mr. C.W. Harrison
1964 Mr. W.E.J. Allen *
1967 Mr. W.J.H. Wright *
1967 Mr. R.R. White * 
1967 Mr. J.H. Causby * 
1969 Mr. B.N. Jarman OAM
1972 Mr. J. Drennan 
1972 Mr. G.A. Phillips * 
1974 Mr. M.T. Clingly * 
1976 Mr. R.W. Goodman *
1976 Mr. D.L. Blinco 
1976 Mr. R.F. Simunsen
1976 Mr. K.J. Bockmann OAM
1976 Mr. J.P. Causby 
1979 Mr. T. Young 
1982 Mr. N.G. Holton 
1983 Mr. J. Crichton A.M. * 
1983 Mr. G. Harris 
1983 Mr. M. Hunt 
1985 Mr. H. Topsfield * 
1985 Mr. R. Jemison * 
1985 Judge F.B. Moran QC * 
1989 Mr. J. Benton
1989 Mr. G. Longbottom 
1989 Mr. C. Christensen 
1989 Mr. L. Gilligan OAM * 
1989 Mr. D. Sayers 
1990 Mrs. B. Christensen* 
1990 Mr. R. Christensen
1990 Mr. D. Kelly
1990 Mr. I. Limb
1993 Mr. B.W. Beer * 
1993 Mr. J.G. Schultz 
1996 Mr. J.J. Nason 
1996 Mr. B.A. Wilson * 
2001 Mr. P Bonsor 
2001 Mr. A B. Eime 
2001 Mr. R. Manuel 
2003 Mr. J Foley 
2003 Mr. M. Lawton 
2006 Mr C. Tanner 
2009 Mrs. M Holton 
2009 Mr. P. Wilson 
2009 Mr. D. Harris 
2014 Mr. L. Wells 
2014 Mr. C. Billett 
2016 Mr. G. Milton 
2016 Mrs. L. Quaini 
2016 Mr. S. McNally
2017 Mr. G. Chinca
2017 Mr. S. Quaini
2018 Mr. K. Gillespie 
2019 Mr. C. Tietjens
2019 Mr. P. Leonello


Download nomination form for Woodville Life Membership here.

The following provides a framework to assist in the determination of those persons deemed appropriate to receive WDCC Life membership.


To qualify for Life Membership in Woodville District Cricket Club (WDCC) an individual must meet the following criteria:

  1. The candidate shall have completed a minimum of fifteen years service as:
    –     a player in A, B, C or D grade playing sides or
    –     a member of any WDCC committee in an administrative capacity or any person in a non-playing role (e.g volunteer) or
    –     a combination of the above
  2. Demonstrated significant or outstanding contributions made in the progress of the goals and objectives of the WDCC over several years which are clearly recognised, respected, acknowledged and endorsed by all members who know them.
  1. Nominations for Life Membership must be made on the official life member nomination form (Attached Below)
  2. In regard to Qualification, the Nomination must articulate the reasons why Life Membership is considered appropriate and where possible, specify examples of work or involvement which has significantly contributed to the WDCC.

The process for considering applications for Life Members shall be as follows:

  1. Applications shall be submitted confidentially.
  2. Applications for life membership must be signed by at least one (1) financial or honorary member prior to presenting to the WDCC Management Committee for their consideration of said nomination.
  3. Nominations must reach the Club Secretary no later than 7th of May.

Once having received a valid nomination the Club Secretary must inform the WDCC Management Committee to enable the nomination to be scrutinised at the next available Management Committee meeting.

The WDCC Committee will consider only nominations made in the period since the Last Annual General Meeting.

The WDCC Secretary will prepare a report and present to the WDCC Management Committee on each nomination summarising the successful or unsuccessful nominees.

The report(s) are required to reach the last WDCC Management Committee Meeting before the10th May.

The Secretary shall present the submitted report to the chairperson and the committee will be convened to consider the application or applications.

After any discussion, a secret ballot vote shall be taken. The votes shall be counted by the chairperson and any other person summoned to assist.

A vote of a minimum of three quarters of the committee members present shall be required to confer Life Membership. Once the vote has been counted, the chairperson shall announce the results to the committee and inform the President of same, but shall not discuss the number of votes cast in favor or opposition and the ballots shall be destroyed.

Successful Nominees’ will be presented with their Life Membership status of the WDCC at the end of season Presentation Night.

All persons involved in the Life Member ship selection process will keep the process and vote results confidential.

The decision is final and if a nomination is not endorsed by the WDCC Management Committee an additional nomination may be submitted in future financial years.

  1. An Official Life Membership Plaque, numbered and dated, and Badge will be presented at the end of the current playing season on Presentation Night.
  2. The Life Members Name will be displayed on the WDCC Website.
  3. The Life Members Name will be added to the WDCC archives of Life Members.
  4. If the life member is a player, then the option of payment of player subscriptions will be considered.
  5. An free invitation (including spouse/partner) will be provided to all major events within the Club.

Life Membership is not automatically given to a spouse or partner. A spouse or partner must be nominated in their own right.


Life Membership is absolutely forfeited upon any failure to observe any by-laws or constitutional requirements and will be forfeited upon the passing of a special resolution for the removal from Life Membership for extreme reasons not limited to but as bringing the name of the WDCC into disrepute.