Your Club Supports a Modernised SACA Constitution

Your Club Supports a


We are writing to update you on the proposal to modernise SACA’s constitution and legal structure.


The Premier (Grade) Cricket Committee has unanimously endorsed the adoption of the new SACA constitution and legal structure. The proposed reforms will greatly benefit Premier Cricket in South Australia and ensure that we can deliver improved junior cricket programs, better support for Associations and Clubs, clear pathways for emerging talent and more opportunities for elite talent. Importantly, all current constitutional powers and safeguards relating to Premier Clubs, Premier Cricket or the Grade Cricket Committee remain unchanged.


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A Special General Meeting at which SACA members will vote on the proposed reforms is expected to occur on 7 June 2018 – the outcome will influence the health of cricket in South Australia for years to come.  The importance of the support of the entire Premier Cricket Community cannot be overstated. Please join us in supporting this critical, once-in-a-generation opportunity.  For those of you that are voting members of SACA, we encourage you to show your support with your vote.